RA81 (queen_golgo_13) wrote in bronze_1989,

Koji Nanjo's Guide to Life

To kickstart the Ozaki Month, I wanted to revamped the Koji Nanjo's Guide to Life seen in Bronze Yahoo Groups community  I am not sure if the community is still active but the list was created around the year 2000.  People may add to the Guide to Life or just simply comment.  So here it goes.

1.  Always write songs about the love of my life.

2.  Buy the most expensive brands of clothing,jewelery, etc., no use in being frugal with a multi-million dollar bank account!  Indulgence is key.

3.  Smoke cigarettes while rehearsing songs, smoke cigarettes after sex, smoke under stress, smoke whenever it suits my fancy.

4.  When it comes to falling madly in love with Izumi, it doesn't matter that he is a guy yet that doesn't mean that I am gay or bisexual.  I am Koji Nanjo and I can get away with anything.

5.  Izumi is the only person that I truly get hot and bothered with.  Sure I have sex with women but those are just one-night stands or flings.

6.  Sex is great and even greater when I'm doing it with Izumi.  Call me a sex addict, I don't care!

7.  Izumi is my Izanami, the chocolate/strawberry topping to my Pocky sticks, the object of my love and lust

8.  Tanned, sun-kissed, dark skin is absolutely sexy.

9.  Watch soccer games with Izumi even though its boring at times.  I have to hide my boredom because I don't want him to deprive me of sex afterwards.

10. Whine like a bitch whenever Izumi doesn't want to have sex or kiss, nibble in his ear, tickle his scar with my tongue, or fondle his bulge until he surrenders to me.
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